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Newsletter #4 The iOS beta phase

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Testing our Tomorrow app

Our newsletter Newsletter #4 – blogged for you

Dear Tomorrow Community,

We hope you’ve been able to really enjoy the mother of all summers so far. We haven’t been sunning ourselves quite as much as we’d like to have done. We’ve had our noses to the grindstone – and now we have a sustainable, mobile current account ready to go – it’s really something. ;)

Pay for your Fair Trade cappuccino with our card – check!

Since the beginning of July, we’ve been furiously testing. After some minor teething problems in the first days (to be expected), it’s all running smoothly. Just for you, we’ve been out for Fair Trade coffee, Neapolitan pizza, to the organic grocery shop, and we’ve often been seen at the cashpoint around the corner. We can assure you – you always get exactly the amount you put in. All of the major and minor features which characterise mobile banking function perfectly, from push notifications to the automatic categorisation of all income and expenditure.


We’re ready for the beta phase.

Just very slightly delayed, we’re just about to launch the official beta testing phase for iOS – this will be in about a week’s time. We’ve sent out an email to all registered iOS testers separately about this. We’re looking forward already to your critical feedback!

We’ve also got good news for our Android users: your testing phase will start at the beginning of September. Details to follow very soon.


A peek behind the scenes.

There’s still lots to do, that’s for sure. So, it’s all about setting the right priorities – especially when we have to work with limited resources (except for enthusiasm – that’s unlimited). So you’re always in the loop, and know what we’re cooking up, we’ve decided to open up the kitchen completely.

From now on, you can see our current plan for this project as a Trello board, open to everyone, here. All of the features we’re working on, today, tomorrow and the day after, are listed here. You can find all the details, from longstanding tasks to major projects like the Tomorrow-Index. It gets even better – not only can you look, you can comment and say which aspects you think are important, and which are less so. Give us your opinions, and we’ll give you the “banking of tomorrow” you want.


The future is female (and/or has tatoos)

We have to admit it, our team setup wasn’t really up to date until now, at least as far as gender representation goes. However, that’s now changed. We’re delighted to welcome our newest members: Melanie and Clara are on board as of now. As a communications designer, Melanie specialises in – that’s right – communication, and is now responsible for social media. Clara studied philosophy, politics and economics, and therefore knows a bit about everything. About you, too – she’s now taken over Customer Support. Also, we forgot one great guy in the last newsletter, and that was totally unfair: Manuel is responsible for developing our Android app. That’s right – this is what you look like being involved in the “banking of tomorrow”.


One more thing – right now, we’re launching our Instagram. Follow us, send us heart, tell your friends. It’ll be worth it, we promise.

Greetings from St Pauli, Hamburg

Your Tomorrow Team