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Newsletter #3- Are these the bankers of tomorrow?

Newsletter#3, blogged for you

Dear Tomorrow Community,

Hopefully you’re enjoying the summer to the fullest. Meanwhile we’re sweating, our noses to the grindstone, towards the approaching launch of Tomorrow. That’s right - it’s nearly ready, and the first consistently sustainable mobile current account will become a reality.

What do we mean by “launch”?

One thing at a time, that’s our motto. Tomorrow (!) we begin, first with the so-called closed beta phase. The app will be fully developed and designed, and will include all the basic functions of a current account. Admittedly, there are bound to be a few teething problems. That’s why we’ll be testing for about four weeks, under the radar. We hope for your understanding - after all, some of you are already chomping at the bit (#firstmover) - which, by the way, we think is fantastic. Only a few weeks later we open the door a crack for the announced beta phase with external users. And when this is finished - then, yes, then it really gets going: In September we will slowly open the floodgates and get the first few hundred from the waiting list on board. (We’re pretty excited.)


And how you can be there.

For the beta phase we would like to provide a limited number of users with an account. If you want to be part of it, just write us an email. Include a few lines about why you would like to take part in the collective digital fine-tuning. Or, better yet, post a comment on the social network of your choice and link to us (via Facebook or Twitter). The first 50 get access to the beta version and can open an account, with a fancy card and all the trimmings. More information about the launch proper in September will follow in the next newsletter.

Tomorrow on tour.

We’re busy spreading the word that mobile banking will soon be available in sustainable form - or sustainable banking in mobile form, if you prefer. The trip took us to Amsterdam for Europe’s largest banking conference Money 2020, to Berlin for the startup hotspots Heureka and Noah, and to beautiful Kiel for the Waterkant Festival. And we just took part in the #betapitch on our own doorstep. The nice thing about it: every time we return a little smarter and prouder. It is impressive to see how many great ideas and how much constructive criticism we receive. Let’s design the bank of tomorrow - together!


Wanted: Early risers who want to work on the future with us.

You see, there is still a lot to do - and for that we need a lot of reinforcement. For our Hamburg team, we are looking for new developers (iOS and Android) and two interns (Social Media and Community Management). You can find more information about the jobs here - please pass it on!

Are these the bankers of tomorrow?

The coverage of our project continues, and we don’t want you to miss it. We met Claudio Rizello from the Welt newspaper for a coffee - the result is a critical portrait of Tomorrow that’s well worth reading. We also made it into the current issue of Enorm magazine, see attached. And the city magazine MitVergnügen (WithPleasure) has chosen us as one of 11 projects that make the world a better place. The Northerners among us are particularly proud.


28 Juni 2018