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Banking of tomorrow

Newsletter #1 banking must not cost the earth

Our Newsletter#1, now also on our blog

The year is still young, but we haven’t been twiddling our thumbs. Time for a little update.

We’ve added a blog to our website to share some of the issues we’re dealing with as we work on the “banking of tomorrow”. For a start, we’ll introduce ourselves - the team behind Tomorrow.


From now on, we will also regularly take a look at exciting studies on sustainable finances.

This time, at a paper from Facing Finance. It’s safe to assume that very few people in Germany would actively invest their money in armaments - but they do so (unknowingly) anyway: loans from major banks to arms exporters such as Rheinmetall or Heckler & Koch are still common practice. Unbelievable - and another reason to work together to bring about change in the financial market.

Hardly a day goes by without news about crypto currencies

Bitcoin, Etherum & Co are on everyone’s lips. First the never-ending hype, then the collapse - and now there are more voices pointing out the questionable ecological footprint of virtual currencies. Bitcoin mining alone consumes as much energy as the state of Hong Kong. Read more in e.g. Greenpeace Magazine.

We are also concerned about this issue - and how the undoubtedly groundbreaking blockchain technology could be used to achieve positive impact. With this in mind, we’ve partnered with Simple Token to actively develop scenarios for incorporating tokens into the Tomorrow context. Not as a quick investment, but based on real ecological projects. And climate-friendly, of course. We are still at the very beginning of the project, and we’ll keep you informed.


What else is happening?

We are working hard on our app, which will be launched in beta mode in the spring. We’re designing the Tomorrow Mastercards, the future means to an end. We are looking for reinforcements for our development team - please pass it on. (By the way, the photo above shows the view from Ryan’s desk in Andalusia. We’re set up for #newwork at Tomorrow.)

And we’re starting a Facebook group - for all those who want to actively contribute ideas to Tomorrow, true to the slogan: Let’s develop the “banking of tomorrow” together. Please join in!

With the best regards from St. Pauli, your team from Tomorrow

13 Februar 2018