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Let's Talk, Zebra

Let’s talk, zebra: How we are shaping the future together

On 27 May we are holding our first digital Zebra Talk! Find out here why we’re doing that and who will be getting involved.

When did you decide to be part of the solution? That is just one of the questions that will be answered during our first digital Zebra Talk. By whom? Zebras, of course!

As we are herd animals, we prefer to think about how we can create a better tomorrow together, along with which opportunities we can perhaps draw from the current crisis. One thing is clear: something needs to change – and the only way we can find out how is together.


We have invited three exciting speakers who will be talking about what makes them zebras, why this movement is so important and which solutions they have developed for different challenges. So you can look forward to plenty of inspiration and food for thought! And the best thing about it: you can all take part and ask us your questions on the topic!


Wednesday, 27 May from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm


Digitally, via Zoom. Register here.

Who is taking part:

Let’s talk, zebra!

See you then.

20 Mai 2020