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The founders of Tomorrow

Interview with viertel vor

We gave a long interview to our friends from V\V: Marcus and Anna wanted to know why we like to use the word’progressive’, how we choose our projects and where the future of Tomorrow can lead us.

And it gets intimate - Jakob tells about his past with Lemonaid and why he rather unexpectedly dived into the financial world. Here are two questions from the interview - click here for the whole interview.

Is Tomorrow not only straightforward banking but also a kind of educational campaign?

It has to be! Because I think there’s still a lot of work to be done. Because money isn’t just clothes or food. It affects everyone - but the points of contact are much less present. The subject is so big and so much is happening that we thought: yes! Something has to be done.

Why do you think it is that people are increasingly interested in really wanting to make a difference?

This is a gradual development, a dynamic that is currently gaining more and more momentum. I find it hard to tie that to that one factor. Certainly also has to do with today’s media possibilities, it may be easier to see through things than in the past. At the same time there are more offers. And maybe it really is the very, very long tail end of what started in the 1968s - and now it’s taking on a new shape. Less in the way of loyalty to a particular worldview is being demanded from people now. This breaks down barriers. This is good, but it can also be viewed critically when it leads to such a sense of wellbeing and consumerism. Shopping at the organic supermarket just isn’t enough. I think it is important to examine what impact your own footprint has on everything, from all areas of your life. This can also be done step by step. The answer doesn’t lie in consumption alone. There’s no substitute for actively protesting - and standig up for structural, systemic questions!

22 Mai 2018