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How does the Tomorrow contribution work?

How does the Tomorrow contribution work?

We started the Tomorrow project because we want to contribute to a better, more sustainable future. We believe that money can be part of the solution if you steer it in the right direction. In order for your money to bring about a positive change and doesn’t contribute to the planet’s destruction, we are working on various parameters. The Tomorrow contribution is one of them.

Whether it’s your favorite café or the vegan burger shop around the corner - when you pay by card, every merchant issues a small payment to each customer’s bank. And what better home could there be for this money than in projects that protect our climate? Exactly, nowhere. And that’s why we’re investing this interchange fee in all of our futures.


In total, the merchant pays 0.2% of the relevant amount of a transaction to the issuing bank,that is, the bank from which the customer’s card originated. It’s the same for Tomorrow. A share of this sum will be used to cover the actual costs of processing the transaction. That leaves 0.13% of each transaction. We are putting this all of this money into international climate protection projects. In the future, you will be able to decide which project you support with your payments. At the moment all the funds from the interchange fee are being used for a forest conservation project in Brazil. Discover more about the challenges faced locally here.


The Impact Board of the Tomorrow app lets you track how the Tomorrow community is making its contribution. At the moment, all the money goes into a project to protect the rainforest - and you can see what proportion of your own personal transactions form. The figures are based on the fact that 780 square meters of the Brazilian rainforest are protected for every euro that Tomorrow pays to the project coordinator Climate Partner. An average of 132 trees grow on this area. Accordingly, a tree has an area of around 6 m2. These figures refer to a term of another 30 years. The areas are therefore guaranteed by your money until 2049.

Another key indicator in the Impact Board is the amount of carbon dioxide that is bound by the Tomorrow Climate Protection Contribution. Because forests filter CO2, and rainforests filter a particularly large amount. This number refers accordingly to the mass of carbon dioxide that is bound by the protection of the trees in each year. Every euro donated to the project by Tomorrow ensures that 200 kg of CO2 per year are filtered. These values are regularly used by various organizations (DNV, USA, Inc.). DNV, GL) and comply with international regulations on the storage of CO2.

In everyday life, for example, it looks like this: TM_impact-Klimaschutz-grün (2).jpg

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

8 Februar 2019