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How do we want to waste less tomorrow?

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Raphael Fellmer co-founder of the savior market Sir Plus

More than 18 million tons of food ends up in the rubbish in Germany every year. We pollute the climate, exploit resources and arable land and depend on best before dates. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Raphael Fellmer, co-founder of the savior market “Sir Plus”, shows us this.

Why he lived completely without money for almost five years, how he became an entrepreneur, what his children are dealing with, and why we can make the world better by less fear and more community alone -Raphael explains all in a new episode of “Über Morgen”.

How do we want to waste less tomorrow? Anna and Jakob asked him that. And in response, they got all sorts of suggestions for much more. An in-depth, open and realistic conversation about Raphael’s personal path and the path we could and should take as a society. Happy listening!

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