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How do we want to preserve humanity tomorrow?

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Till Sos Mediterrane deutsche Seenotrettung

People are dying every day in the Mediterranean sea. And with the innumerable refugee boats, our European values are sinking into the water. Till Rummenhohl is someone who simply can’t accept this. The deputy chairman of the association SOS Mediterrane Germany has been at sea for months as a civilian rescuer. He is currently taking a break because he has to, he says. To process things. And also to talk about what is accepted powerlessly by many and used by others to exert political pressure - as with us, for example.

In the new episode of “Über Morgen” he tells Anna and Jakob about his so-called ‘everyday life’ on board. We talk about how he came to his voluntary post and how hard it is not to get back to it right away. Till shares his political opinion and, in many ways, gives us insights into a topic that, in our opinion, is still under-discussed. And, of course, he answers our key question “How do we want to show humanity tomorrow”? Now online at all the popular podcast portals.