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How do we want to make ourselves heard tomorrow? Podcast #15 feat. Micha Fritz

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Portrait of Micha Fritz

How can people be made enthusiastic about topics that help us progress as a society? Where does sustainability actually begin? What does no one tell you before you set up your own business? And why is it so important to deal with mistakes openly? A new episode of our podcast Über Morgen is out now – this time with social entrepreneur and activist Micha Fritz.

As a global society, we are facing huge challenges. To solve them, we need new ideas and a real show of commitment, empathy and support for one another. And in the future, resources will also have to be allocated in a completely different way than is currently the case. Today’s special guest Micha Fritz is telling us what these resources are and how he is approaching it personally.

Micha is an activist, co-founder and, in his own words, “court jester” of Viva con Agua, an association that has been committed to clean drinking water and better hygiene conditions all over the world for 15 years now. To drum up attention for this good cause, he is constantly coming up with new ideas. Like the annual basketball tournament “Viva con Agua Allstars”, or the legendary “Millerntor Gallery” art, music and culture festival, which sees the home ground of football club FC St. Pauli turned into an art gallery once a year.

But what happens when all of those events can no longer take place? This was exactly the question he was faced with at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. But giving up wasn’t an option either – so he and his team simply came up with new ways to carry on.

We spoke to him about that, about how he has been able to run a social enterprise for so many years, mistakes he has made and topics that he would like us to be much more honest about with each other than we have been up to now. He is also revealing his message for men going through a midlife crisis, why it doesn’t make any sense to work for ten hours in one go, what made him political and the addictions he hasn’t been able to quit.

Have a listen!

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