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How do we want to eat meat tomorrow?

“How do we want to eat meat tomorrow?” This is what Anna and Jacob ask in episode seven, for which “not at all” is excluded as an answer: Hendrik Haase, also known as Wurstsack, eats animals without remorse - as long as his own, strict criteria are met during rearing and processing. Which are these are, explains the operator of the Berlin butcher “Kumpel & Keule” as usual with much eloquence and wit. And, of course, we also devote ourselves to the less funny topics of climate compatibility, animal welfare, slaughter and dying.

When Hendrik became an activist, why he likes to use the Internet as his platform, how to revise German (food) policy and why he also considers potatoes with butter to be a real taste experience, you will learn in this conversation. Of course we didn’t forget to ask Hendrik about his signature piece, the cylinder. All this and more in a current, informative and certainly controversial episode of “Über Morgen” (About Tomorrow). Happy listening!

15 August 2019