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Fashion Changers Tomorrow Viertel Vor Jakob Berndt Anna Schunck

How do we want to dress properly tomorrow?

“How do we want to dress properly tomorrow?” Not an easy question at a time when fast fashion retailers throw up to 52 collections a year, trends are reinvented daily and fashion is cheaper that it’s ever been. That just can’t be sustainable for this planet.

Anna and Jakob want to know this week: What consequences does fashion consumption have in other parts of the world? How do clothes affect the climate? What sustainable options are there? And: may and can sustainable fashion still be fun?


For the answer, Anna and Jakob asked three women who know all about this: Vreni Jäckle, Nina Lorenzen and Jana Braumüller, known for their wonderful platform Fashion Changers. How the three of them have found their way to fair, sustainable fashion and to challenging the fashion industry’s status quo via Fashion Changers and wanting to make fair fashion more visible in the media- they tell all in this great interview with some great laughs.

Snapseed 52.jpg

25 Juli 2019