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How do we want to deal with our children tomorrow?

“How do we want to deal with our children tomorrow?” This is what Anna and Jacob ask in this episode ask someone who that makes it so easy and relaxed that many admire him. Especially from the smallest ones. Florian Sump is a rapper for “Deine Freunde”, creating hip hop for four- to fourteen-year-olds with beats for adults and is thus, as for example the Spiegel magazine writes, “shaking up the world of children’s music with fat bass and clever lyrics”.

How it came about that Flo is now part of a sought-after band after his success with the nineties teen band “Echt”, whether the fans and backstage feelings differ, and how he himself experienced his childhood and started to make music as a school pupil, he tells all in a frank, funny conversation. And of course he reveals Anna and Jacob, who are both parents themselves, all the experiences and lessons learned that have so far come with his job as a kindergarten teacher and at home as a dad with the smallest pillars of our society. Small spoiler: it’s all at eye level!


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4 Juli 2019