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How do we want to break taboos tomorrow?

In this episode, Anna and Jakob ask a woman whose T-shirts are often printed with the following sentence: “The world is a vagina”.

Cordelia Röders-Arnold is Head of Menstruation at the Berlin organic condom label “Unicorn”, and she has set out to revolutionize the period. Together with her team, she launched the largest menstruation survey ever, so she knows pretty well why something which is the norm for half the population once a month is still taboo.


Cordelia and her team re-invented the current design of cups, tampons and sanitary towels, explained the world of monthly bleeding at their TED talk, made men feel pain under hypnosis and is currently celebrating the success of a giant petition against the luxury tax on so-called hygiene products.

Why she does not like that word, when she spoke about her menstruation out loud for the first time, why change has nothing to do with patronising people, and cream pie does not always have to be the best choice: that’s what the new episode of About Tomorrow (Über Morgen) is all about. In addition, Cordelia reveals how to determine your own salary and thinks about whether she is already the face of a movement. Of course we play the “either or” game at the end, too! Have fun.

13 Juni 2019