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How do we want to be independent tomorrow?

For the new episode of ÜBER MORGEN, Anna and Jakob have met someone who has an answer to these big questions: Fynn Kliemann. Fynn is his own boss, has his own country, celebrates huge success as a home improvement guru on YouTube and Instagram - and has never done a product placement or an advertising deal. How does it work? We were also wondering about that.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-05-23 um 14.29.56.png

We visited Fynn on an old farm in the northern German province between Hamburg and Bremen - Kliemannsland. Opposite the local football field and the fire station of Rüspel, the gates of the Kliemann court open. Something between amusement park, mega-workshop, deluxe shared flat and art object. It’s full of tinkering, dredging, gardening and cooking. The motto is always: just do it. And without instructions. We like!

Bildschirmfoto 2019-05-23 um 14.28.43.png

In conversation, Fynn explains why he does not care about money and how he still earns it. The 28-year-old talks about what kind of a child he was and why, even as a teenager, he found it nonsensical to plan anything on the drawing board. What you can learn from Fynn about courage, vanity and, of course, about independence, what Kliemannsland actually is - and if this particular place has anything to do with sustainability - you can find out in this episode of “Über Morgen” (About tomorrow). In addition, after listening you’ll know which of the three interlocutors has ever driven a tractor through the wall …

Über Morgen_J F A .jpg

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Photo credits: Viertel \ Vor

23 Mai 2019