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FUTURE will pay you back!

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To make all our tomorrows fun, we need a change. And urgently!

Therefore, we’re taking to the streets on Friday, the 20.9. to the Global Climate Strike, demonstrating for the climate. So that there are as MANY of us as possible, the topic finally attracts as much attention as it deserves and we can send a signal together, we’re give EACH new user a FUTURE t-shirt. As a call for demo and at the same time as a banner for change. To ensure that the Fridays for Future Initiative continues to be loud and strong, we’re donating € 3 per shirt to FFF Germany.

Just enter the code FUTURE when signing up and you will receive the code for your statement shirt within a day. You can then order it at the Avocadostore.

Anyone who already has an account and still would like to have the shirt - do not worry, you also get the chance of the future shirt, of course. This applies to everyone: whoever successfully recruits a friend in the period up to 20.9. also receives a shirt!

And if you don’t want to open an account or invite a friend, you can also buy the shirt. With our friends at the Avocadostore. And again: for every shirt we donate € 3 to Fridays for Future.

We’d be thrilled if you’d post a photo of you with the shirt and carry the message out into the world. So that firstly, as many people as possible take to the streets on the 20.9., and secondly to earn lots of money for Fridays for Future.