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tomorrow sustainable banking app

Everything about Tomorrow - in the finance forward podcast

Finance Forward has dedicated a long article to our project. Jakob and Inas report on the history of Tomorrow and our mission to turn the financial market upside down for good.

Together with Felix Disselhoff, we are talking about our smart product, which rethinks banking services in a groundbreaking way and is intended to pick up a young group of users who want to make a positive contribution by way of finance.

We explain the “interchange the world fee”, that is, our idea for the Mastercard to automatically finance climate protection projects every time it is used. We also discuss the Impact Board, one of our central App features, which you can use to see how much impact has been achieved by the Tomorrow Community.

Inas and Jakob also answer further questions in the podcast, to listen on Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes.

Photo by VIERTEL/VOR Magazine, Marcus Werner

17 August 2018