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Sustainability Report 2020

Today for a better tomorrow. Our impact in 2020.

It’s a future we want, not collapse.

But without transforming the finance sector first, this will not be possible – because all our tomorrows depend on how we do business and invest today. That’s why, together with our customers, we have made it our mission to make money work for the future, not against it. And in 2020 we achieved a lot together once again.

The impact we achieved in 2020:

No. of trees protected: 14,510,819

Impact investments: €19,450,000

Customer deposits: €104,269,828

Forest area protected: 101,530,309 qm

Amount of CO₂ offset: 41,923,873 kg

Clean drinking water: 4,587,763 l

Saving tip: stop gambling away our planet.

Banking shouldn’t cost the earth. It’s actually pretty simple. Despite that, conventional banks are still using their customers’ money for investments that are costing both our planet and us as a society dearly. But we are proving that things can be done differently. Money doesn’t have to leave a trail of devastation in its wake.

Your money is financing change.

In 2020 we almost doubled the impact investments. They are being used to finance renewable energies, climate-friendly transport, affordable housing and sustainable communities. And in 2021 we have ramped up the investments. Because the goal we have set ourselves for the next few years is to channel two billion euros into sustainable projects and companies.

A good future – for all, not for the few.  

It’s not only the environment that profits from our customers’ money that goes to climate protection projects in the Global South – it is also improving the economic situation of the people living there.

Like the forest conservation project supported by our interchange fee in Portel, Brazil, which supports the Ribeirinhos in officially securing land rights. Or with the project we support in Uganda, which helps especially woman and kids by saving time which they don’t have to use to collect firewood or to boil water.

The impact of the each project in 2020 at a glance:

Interchange Fee – forest protection in Portel, Brasil:

Clean drinking water in Uganda:

Biogas plants in Vietnam:

Forest protection in Tambopata, Peru:

Trust is good, but transparency is better. In 2020 we established the Tomorrow Impact Council with four experts from the fields of civil society and science.

With their knowledge and different perspectives, they understand sustainability in all its dimensions. As our independent regulatory body, they check the sustainability performance of Tomorrow and review whether we are meeting our objectives.

Because financial decisions shouldn’t be made in the dark.

Always open – in every sense of the world.

For us, transparency is key – on all levels. That is why you can always see our impact in real time in the app. In mid-2020 we also started a monthly Impact Report, in which we report on our current impact with regard to each of the 17 SDGs, as well as how we are contributing to protecting the climate every month and how we are committed to our mission.

A new status quo is already in progress.

Since 2020 we have been B Corp certified, which makes us part of a global network that doesn’t promote growth over values and is working together to ensure that this ethos becomes the new status quo. There are currently more than 2,500 B Corps in 130 sectors and 60 countries. Because we can only make progress if we work together.

Let’s do this together!

We see ourselves as part of the zebra movement which, unlike unicorns, i.e., start-ups that are worth more than a billion dollars and, more than anything, want more than just a fast profit. We believe that corporate success shouldn’t be seen in isolation from social responsibility and values and growth shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

And the same applies to our business model – but also how we work together as a team. That’s why “Let’s do this together” is one of the core values we defined in 2020. To find out about our other values and how we are also embracing sustainability internally, read more here.

Social on all channels.

We are politically aware. And we consciously use our reach and channels to stand up for issues that are socially relevant and can contribute to positive change. For years now, we have been taking to the streets with Fridays for Future and participating in networks for social entrepreneurs and social start-ups (Send e.V.), as well as in local initiatives.

Shake up the finance sector with us!

Every euro that you deposit in our accounts is working for a better tomorrow for us all. Are you with us?

Interested in all the facts, figures and insights into our mission, strategy and selection processes for investments, suppliers and partners? Read our 2020 Sustainability Report here.

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