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Get to know your carbon footprint

To save the climate we need to reduce emissions. But often it's difficult to estimate the far-reaching effects of our individual actions. We want to make your carbon footprint visible in the app. Because every single purchase has an impact.

A technology that analyses the carbon emissions of every transaction in real time.

Based on vendor category and spent amount we calculate the carbon footprint of every payment with your Tomorrow card.

Know your CO₂ footprint to reduce it.

Relatable comparisons and monthly insights help you understand your CO₂ footprint and make good choices. You’ll see which emissions you might be able to avoid, reduce or compensate for.

Make better choices for the climate with every purchase

Stream netflix or better buy a new book? Order vegan food or make ramen yourself?

Every single day you face more than 20,000 choices. Many of them have an impact. We don’t want you to miss out on everything that’s fun. But every tiny behavioral change can have a positive impact and motivate others to do the same.

Make an even bigger contribution to protecting the climate

Together we invest in renewable energy and social projects.

Discover our impact projects

Help us to become the sustainable bank you want to use.

Get to know the community

The more we are, the bigger our positive impact.

Invite your friends

Use Tomorrow to make a positive impact on this world. Download the Tomorrow app now and get started right away!

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