If your club was a bank.

Make your money work for a good cause. With sustainable banking from St. Pauli. Open your sustainable bank account in just 8 minutes.

Keep your money clean with a bank account from Tomorrow.

Instead of financing the coal and weapon industries we rather invest your money in sustainable projects. Show the colors of your favorite club while paying, and be a fan of positive change.

There is no soccer club like FC St. Pauli. And there is no bank like Tomorrow.

The “Kiez” is our shared home base. Our shared mission? Showing the big players how to do it right. We say no to racism, fascism, sexism and turbo-capitalist bad banks. Join the movement and open your bank account with the right team.

Tomorrow is easy, quick and comfortable

without compromising your values. We use smart technologies that make your daily life easier while contributing to a better future.

Realtime transfers and free payments -

in the stadium and everywhere else around the world. And in the meanwhile you protect trees with every purchase.

Put money aside

for the next away game. With Tomorrow Pockets you can set savings goals and manage your money in subaccounts.

Protect the climate with every purchase.

For every single euro that you pay with your Tomorrow card we protect 1 m² of rainforest.

Dein Geld ist bis zu 100.000€ geschützt. Dafür sorgt die nationale Einlagensicherung.

Du wirst sofort benachrichtigt, wenn deine Karte benutzt wurde – so behältst du stets den Überblick.

Mit der Tomorrow App kannst du deinen Pin ändern, Limits anpassen oder im Notfall jederzeit deine Karte sperren.

Get your season ticket for the banking game in just 8 minutes and start protecting the climate with every purchase - worldwide and for free.