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tomorrow sustainable debitcard

It's what's on the inside that counts

They’re on their way, your credit cards of tomorrow. Last week, we commissioned the printing of the future Tomorrow Mastercards. Now they are rolling off the production line piece by piece so that things can start on time, with the launch of our account in the summer.

It’s unseasonable, but we feel like little kids on Christmas morning - and for good reason: Jonas & Max have come up with a chic design and Nina with a clever statement. And best of all: our cards will also point the way in ecological terms.

How can a credit card be sustainable? Well, in Germany alone, over 100 million plastic credit and debit cards are issued every year. So it really does make a difference what they’re made of. Normally this is plastic, produced from fossil raw materials and - after use - producing a large amount of waste.

Because we at Tomorrow want to optimize the ecological footprint in all areas of our activities, we have had our card produced that consist almost entirely of PLA (= Poly Lactic Acid, polylactic acid)*. The material is 100% organic, GMO-free (free of genetically modified organisms) and biodegradable. Thanks to its natural composition, PLA is CO2 neutral when incinerated or degraded in industrial composting plants.

*= only the chip still contains precious metals, unfortunately this cannot (yet) be prevented.

27 März 2018